Self Planner 2.7

An Intelligent Web-based Calendar Application

(c) 2007-2015 Ioannis Refanidis, Anastasios Alexiadis
Department of Applied Informatics
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

We have migrated SelfPlanner from Google Calendar v2 API to v3. You will no longer need to either give SelfPlanner your google account password or create a special calendar and give access to Just be sure to give it your google account in full form (e.g. You can change your google account from the Params tab in SelfPlanner client. Params->Account Data->Google Account. If the client gets stuck on "Getting Data" please wait some seconds.

Known bugs: (a) If multiple events are stucked one upon the other on your Google Calendar, SelfPlanner may not be able to delete its own future events from your Calendar. Fix: Specify a different write Calendar in SelfPlanner from the Params tab. (b) If your control settings block the SelfPlanner client please go to Prefereces/Control Panel (in your operating system) and choose the Java preferences. Go to the Security tab and lower the Security level to High and add an Exception on the Exception Site List for

SelfPlanner does not work in Chrome! It requires a browser with support for Java applets. Please use Safari or Firefox. In Firefox also go to Preferences->Security and open the Exception dialog. Add and click Allow.

The use of the SelfPlanner client is not supported anymore. Please use SelfPlanner as a service.

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